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Our Grantmaking – at a Glance

Our investments are designed to benefit the community’s future.

All of our efforts are in cooperation with others.

Our small grants are designed to help people see and believe in positive change.

Our large grants focus on creating long term, significant change.

  • Responsive Grants

    Responsive grants are designed to address community-identified opportunities and need for Lancaster County, Fort Lawn, and Great Falls.

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  • Community Indicators

    J. Marion Sims Foundation, Chester Healthcare Foundation, USC-Lancaster and many other partner organizations are excited to embark on a new initiative: becoming a data-informed community so that we can better answer the question: Are we making an impact in the lives of residents living in Lancaster and Chester counties?

    Indicators measure what the community cares about and track whether the community is moving in the right direction. Without indicators, it is difficult to know whether progress is being made on important issues. Those metrics provide essential guidance for action and key tools for appropriate engagement of the public. We are currently measuring the health and wellness of the communities we serve using a framework of 11 COMMUNITY INDICATORS. Please take a few moments to watch the audio-supported “Community Indicators” presentation here.

    Our Funding Priorities

    • All funded projects will serve the citizens of the Foundation’s service area of Lancaster County, Fort Lawn and Great Falls, South Carolina.
    • The Foundation will give priority to grant applicants for programs of community service that provide ongoing support.
    • The Foundation seeks to make grants that will have a significant and long-lasting impact on the community.
    • Prospective grantees are encouraged to propose innovative collaborations and partnerships that respond to community needs.
    • The Foundation will favor proposals for specific projects rather than for general operations.

    Our Funding Guidelines

    • Awards can be granted only to organizations and institutions exempt from federal taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
    • All grants will be in accordance with the Foundation’s status as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.
    • Single-year and multi-year grants will be awarded. “Seed grants” will not exceed three years.
    • While the Foundation has no limit on the amount that can be requested, trustees will consider the availability of funds and the impact of a large request.
    • Since the Foundation’s Board of Trustees feels strongly that the orientation of grants should be in the area of projects and programs, funding in the following areas may be limited:
      • Operations
      • Capital improvement projects
      • Scholarships, conferences, or seminars that result only in professional advancement but provide no benefit to the greater community
      • Seed grants that do not address an urgent community need and do not demonstrate the potential for ongoing community support

    The Foundation does not make grants to or for the following:

    • Individuals
    • Indirect costs, including payments of a percentage of a grant to a local organization’s national affiliate
    • Indigent care
    • Endowments
    • Loans
    • Retirement of accumulated debt
    • Projects of organizations that primarily benefit their own members or adherents
    • Tickets to charitable events or dinners
    • Legislative lobbying or other political purposes

    • Responsive Grants

      We believe in providing resources to build and sustain a healthy community.

      The J. Marion Sims Foundation is committed to providing resources to our nonprofit organizational partners with a focus on building a healthy community, supporting youth transition to adulthood, and elevating philanthropy.

      Responsive Grants are designed to promote collaboration among community partners.

      Responsive Grants are structured to be data driven through community engagement, community indicators and evidenced based practices.

      Responsive Grants are designed to support programs that focus on positive outcomes and long term impact success within the framework of a healthy community.

      Pre-Application Planning

       The Responsive Grant is designed to address community-identified opportunities and need within the framework of a healthy community. You will be asked to provide the following information when you complete the application.

      • Acknowledge Logic Model: Weaving Data into a Story that Moves People to Action workshop attendance.
      • Acknowledge pre-application meeting completion with Program Officer.
      • Acknowledge viewing of the J. Marion Sims Foundation audio-supported “Community Indicators” PowerPoint.
      • Identify (1) or more community indicator areas your proposal is intended to strengthen.
      • Submit a current list of Board of Directors and key staff.
      • Submit a letter of support from your board of directors.
      • Provide documentation from each collaborating partner involved in your proposal, outlining the role of each partner.
      • Describe how your organization determined that this was a community-identified need and/or opportunity.
      • Describe your program resources (inputs), activities (outputs), achievable short-term outcomes and long-term impact goals.
      • Submit completed logic model
      • Submit recent financial documents
      • Submit completed Project budget and J. Marion Sims Foundation requested funds forms
      • Describe the expected long term impact (3-5 years) you expect to achieve with your program
      • Describe sustainability efforts


      Application Information


    • Horizon logo2


      We believe that education is vital to a healthy community.

      The Horizon Education Grant promotes collaboration between educators, parents and students in shared projects and activities.

      Educators have the option to apply for one $500 grant in addition to a multi-educator grant up to $2000.

      J. Marion Sims Foundation is committed to empowering our youth to become philanthropists.  Area students will have the opportunity to serve on the Youth Review Committee.


      Profile of SC Graduate

      Pre-Application Planning

      The Horizon Education Grant is designed to expand student learning within the framework of a health community. You will be asked to provide the following information when you complete the application.

      • Visit and watch the audio-supported “Community Indicators” PowerPoint.
      • Identify (2) or more community indicator areas your proposal is intended to strengthen.
      • Describe how your project aligns with the attributes outlined in the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.
      • Submit a letter or email of support from your principal or dean.
      • If submitting multi-educator request, documentation is required from each educator involved, outlining their role.
      • Submit a description of parent or student collaboration you’ve used in developing your proposal. For teachers at the elementary level (4K through 5th grade), collaboration with at least one parent; for teachers at the middle, high and post-secondary level, collaboration with at least one student.
      • Submit a description of project learning activities and expected student outcomes you hope to achieve with your project.
      • Describe the expected impact you hope your project will have on participating students in 3-5 years.

      Application Information

      Welcome to the Horizon Education Grant Application! Please click here to start a NEW application!

      Important Note:
      This is the initial application link. When you create your account, you will receive an email with a link to your application.  If you must stop, save and return to your application at a later time for completion, please access your saved application through the link received in your email.

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