Community Engagement

  • The J. Marion Sims Foundation is partnering with the Orton Family Foundation to share the Community Heart & Soul ® method as part of its ongoing commitment to lift up and empower community voices to support a healthy community. The Foundation intends to deepen dialogue within our communities, so as to strengthen and support the kind of collaboration that builds capacity in our towns and cities. With the insights gained through this and other community engagement processes, the Foundation will use community data and indicators to make decisions, measure progress, and illuminate issues that are important to those who live, learn, work, or play here.

    Community Heart & Soul Resources

  • Application Timeline for Community Heart & Soul®

    • October 5, 2017- Community Proposals Due
    • Week of October 9, 2017- Site Visits Commence
    • November 20, 2017- Selected Communities Announced
    • January 1, 2018- Projects Begin

    What is community engagement?

    Community engagement is a process used by organizations and individuals to build relationships and collective vision. We want to hear what is important to our community, and ultimately hope these initial engagement efforts will lead to broader community vision building.

    Why is the Foundation engaging the community?

    The Foundation will use community input to build partnerships and focus strategies designed to have a lasting impact on the children and families that live here. We believe collaboration allows us to maximize community assets, and we are actively seeking partnerships to strengthen our region.

    Who will be reached by the community engagement process?

    The Foundation is committed to being as inclusive as possible. We hope to reach business and community leaders, policymakers, educators, retirees, our faith community, non-profit organizations, youth, parents, and families.

    What will the Foundation do with the information collected from the community?

    As the Foundation continues to engage the community, we hope to add partners along the way, to ensure this initial engagement leads to a larger coalition of individuals and organizations focused on a collective vision for the future.