• Grantmaking

    At the J. Marion Sims Foundation, we view the health of our community through a set of healthy community indicators. Our goal in all of our programming and grantmaking is to enhance the health and wellness of our community—for all who work, play, live, and learn here.
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  • Engagement

    We’re interested in community service, innovative collaborations and partnerships that respond to community needs and have long-lasting impact.

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  • History

    Taking its name from a distinguished figure in our community, the J. Marion Sims Foundation owes its existence to visionary leaders.

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Grantee Showcase

    Holly Furr - Clinton summer program at Landsford Canal 2

  • Holly Furr - Science on the Move Camp at FLCC

  • Holly Furr - TPG 1

  • Nurse Lab 3

  • Holly Furr - Cheri Collins2.GFE

  • Holly Furr - Swimming and Water safety 2

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